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Baby Convent School, being primarily an educational institute, the art of teaching is taken to new heights by employing every resource that aids the process of learning like multimedia, latest scientific teaching methodology involving audio-visual aids etc. To make learning and out and out enjoyable experience, homework and heavy bags have been totally done away with for lower classes. Assignments are so designed as to cater not only to the board exams but also to give our students an edge in the competitive exams.
  Director's Message  
I strongly believe in keeping pace with the needs of the highly techno-savvy world without sacrificing the strong value system which is the basis of the school. Our aim is to build a society of responsible intellectuals who can positvely influence society to create a better tomorrow.
  Principal's Message  
Be challenged and supported to develop students talents and skill to their full potentials. Develop a strong sense of belonging to and contribute to building a safe and welcoming community for all. The future belongs to you; you need; therefore to prepare yourself for an active participation in the world our aim is to provide that your child gains the best and most comprehensive education.
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